About Us

Welcome to Selleb, the auction marketplace where celebs  -- you guessed it -- sell special items they own through our bidding platform. New items belonging to Sellebs DROP EVERY FRIDAY 3pm EST for a 2-day AUCTION. 

Hi friends! We are Chloe (Stanford ‘21) and Claire Lee (Georgetown ‘24), sisters and founders, taking a break from what we are 'supposed to be doing,' aka consulting job and college, respectively, to live our dream of getting our idea off ground. 

The idea of Selleb had been germinating ever since we scored Kendall Jenner's Alexander McQueen Angry Bunny Sweatshirt in 2015 at a one-off internet sale, but it was the pandemic that would ultimately jolt us into action. We had some time to mull over the fact that the resale landscape needed a little shake-up. The market was oversaturated with secondhand platforms where you would sift and swap the dregs of the fast-fashion food chain and cut low-ball deals on copycat aesthetics. And all the scrolling through strangers' secondhand stuff!! It was infinite and tbh, EXHAUSTING...

That's where Selleb comes in. Selleb deals in "things" too but we are all about providing a fun, INTERACTIVE resale experience that provides a CONNECTION with your fav public figures whom you love and follow on social media. Yes we are talking about the trendsetters, the cool hunters, the cultural early adopters, the tastemakers with an X factor, insider chat and unforgettable style that'll get you excited to shop resale again. 

Whether it's an over-sized graphic T worn by a lovable TikToker, a monogrammed tote belonging to a fashion icon, a Rubik's Cube used by a world champion, a jersey worn by your fav athlete -- every piece on our site is a pop-culture cocktail with a back story and a price to be named. Welcome to the coolest yard sale on the internet. We are thrilled that you dropped by.

Own a cultural moment,

Chloe & Claire xx