About Us

Welcome to Selleb, a marketplace where celebs -- you guessed it -- sell items directly from their closets through auctions. 

We are Chloe (Stanford ‘21) and Claire Lee (Georgetown ‘24), sisters and entrepreneurs who have been obsessed with secondhand/vintage fashion all our lives. Starting 13 & 15 years old (in 2014), we have been selling/buying clothes on all the various secondhand apps you can think of (The RealReal, eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Tradesy). Still hungry for more, we also became fashion columnists for our high school newspaper, independent fashion bloggers, online boutique owners, fashion interns, research assistant at a fashion NGO, and even a fashion model. 

After scoring Kendall Jenner’s Alexander McQueen sweatshirt in 2015, we were star-struck, wishing there was a site with unfettered access to closets of ALL our favorite stars. Fast forward 6 years, Selleb was born! 

Pictured: Kendall Jenner, left. Chloe, right, circa 2015.

Pictured: Claire, circa 2017 @ Salvation Army & after Drop #1.


The race car jacket, the monogrammed tote, and the rhinestone-encrusted sneakers -- every piece is a pop-culture cocktail with a story to tell and a price to be named.

Welcome to the coolest yard sale on the internet. We’re thrilled that you dropped by. 

Chloe & Claire xx